Find profitable sites for EV charge points in minutes

Mobilyze estimates the utilization of any location in Europe, allowing you to find the most profitable sites according to your deployment strategy.


Using Mobilyze you can increase the utilization of your charge points by up to 100 %.


Create a roll-out strategy for your EV charging network

Whether you’re planning to install residential AC charge points or high-power charge points on motorways, Mobilyze will provide you with location intelligence to support your decisions and create a compelling strategy based on hard data.

Evaluate the potential of selected locations

Automate the evaluation of potential sites and prioritize them based on predicted utilization. Get all the data you need, such as accurate traffic counts and competing charge points, to compute the ROI and prepare a business case for your board or investors.

Optimize your existing EV charging network

Evaluate the performance of your network on a regular basis. Get actionable insights to maximize the utilization of your EV charge points. Identify under- and over-performers and benchmark your infrastructure to your nearest and most relevant competition.

Find suitable locations for your EV charge points

Scout for suitable sites based on predicted utilization for various types of charge points. Select your own combination of filters to narrow down the search even from the whole country to a small area. In minutes.

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Market report

Get regular updates on the development of your key markets. Access detailed information on registered EVs and EV charging infrastructure.


Scout for potential sites for your EV charge points based on predicted utilization for your type of EV charge points or your custom filters.


Evaluate any number of locations in one or multiple markets and get predicted utilization for a specific configuration of charge points.

Business intelligence

Identify under- and over-performers and benchmark your infrastructure to your competitors to draw insights to improve the utilization.


Outsource the whole analytics or extend your team with a location intelligence expert along with unlimited access to all datasets.

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